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Meet "Boots", a car that has always been in pristine condition thanks to a simple and easy cleaning process. Unlike other cars that require expensive detailing or high-maintenance upkeep, Boots' secret to staying in top shape is a straightforward and humble cleaning routine. Gabriel, its owner and founder of Teyko, knows that regular washing, wiping, and polishing can go a long way in keeping the car looking great, and has faithfully followed this process to ensure Boots always looks its best. Despite its unassuming approach to maintenance, Boots shines like a star on the road and has earned the respect of car enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of a well-cared-for vehicle.



To begin the process, the car should be sprayed down with high-pressure soap to loosen and remove dirt and grime from the surface. The soap should be allowed to sit for a few minutes to work its magic before being rinsed off with clean water.  The wheels and tires should also be cleaned thoroughly to remove any brake dust or debris. After washing, the car should be rinsed off to remove all soap residue. Finally, the car can be dried with a soft towel or chamois to prevent water spots from forming. Whether washing by hand or with a touchless car wash, following these simple steps will help to keep a car looking clean and shiny.


Spray Quick Detailer onto your vehicle’s paint surface and gently wipe away.  Fold your towel into quarters, so you can easily flip to a fresh side. The quick detailer will lift away any dirt or dust, while the spray wax will leave behind a protective layer that helps to maintain the car's shine. This process can be done quickly and easily, making it a great option for keeping a car looking its best after and between washes.

Quick Detailer can be used on any type of vehicle, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles. It's a great way to maintain the exterior of a vehicle without spending hours washing and waxing. With regular use, quick detailer with spray wax can help to keep a car's paint looking shiny and new, while also providing a layer of protection against the elements.


Following those two easy steps will keep your car new. 

There is no need for dozens of products with fancy names or new elements. 

If you're looking to correct your damaged paint, we will soon launch products to do just that. We're working on paint correction compound to remove deeper scratches and imperfections in addition to a polishing compound to deliver a 'straight from the paint booth' shine and appearance. Stay tuned!

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