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16oz Bottle


Product Overview: 88071-16

Introducing Interior Cleaner & Conditioner, the perfect solution for keeping your car's interior clean, fresh, and well-conditioned. This versatile product is specially formulated to work on any smooth surface inside your vehicle, including leather, vinyl, plastic, and rubber.

Our Interior Cleaner & Conditioner is a powerful yet gentle formula that effectively removes dirt, stains, and grime from your car's interior surfaces, leaving them looking and feeling like new. It's easy to use, simply spray the product onto the surface, and wipe away with a clean microfiber cloth. The formula is designed to penetrate deep into the surface, lifting dirt and stains from the pores of the material, and leaving a rich leather scent.


The Conditioner component of this product helps to protect and preserve your car's interior surfaces, preventing them from drying out, cracking, or fading due to exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors. It contains premium grade conditioning agents that nourish and moisturize the material, restoring its natural suppleness and shine.


This Interior Cleaner & Conditioner is safe to use on all types of smooth surfaces, including leather seats, dashboards, door panels, armrests, and more. It's gentle enough to use regularly without damaging the material or leaving any greasy residue behind. 


Do not use on steering wheels, pedals, or gear selectors.  This product may leave a slippery surface and is not recommended for use on parts that control your vehicle. 


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